Opportunity in crisis

Afghanistan is a country which is controlled by international forces and by budget of foreign countries but Afghanistan also pays all of its expenditure from foreign helping. Without the help of United Nation we have nothing. If foreign countries do not help Afghan government there is no teacher to teach in school and there is no official to work in government even there is a guy to work as a minister or as an assistant or as an adviser.

International forces insure so call peace in peace in Afghanistan that our people can live and know each other as a people and get familiar to each other. Foreign people come and learn the peaceful life for Afghan people.

What is the outcome of this decade: mafia growing warlords are also in power poppy cultivation increased…

What we did in this opportunity? We only changed the name of government and we the name of democracy on it. ISAF did not bring reform, because before there was racial government also it exists now, before there was warlike to govern now is also…

What the UN should do?

They should make powerless all of the warlords, and they did not believe in some holy war leaders.

After leaving ISAF troops Afghanistan people will be unlucky. Poor people did not get any benefit and opposite warlords, mafia bands, terrorists… get stronger.