Why cannot be terrorist removed from Afghanistan?

First of all terrorists have foreign supporters they do not want to be weak terrorist. And they want to defeat Unites states so they help insurgents. And also have some reason and they claim that America wants to make weak some countries like China, Russia, and Iran… and they believe that USA supports Taliban and Pakistan. They make chaos in Afghanistan and they make reason to be in Afghanistan for having a specific purpose. And they want to stop the developing of china and the want to prohibit from making nuclear weapon of Iran this is the guess of opposite countries of American.

But the other idea is that western countries want to transfer some antique and other mineral things from Afghanistan. Their sources getting finish cause of they want to be in Afghanistan. They get under the control all region sources like gas of main west and other mines in Afghanistan.

American wants to insure peace in the USA not in Afghanistan. And they do not want play basic role in Afghanistan. When they recognize insecurity in Afghanistan affects in America they, they came in Afghanistan to defeat terrorist. Other wais war was continuing several years ago.