Afghan judgment

I do not know in other countries but I life in Afghanistan  and know about its everything our people have a high requirement  but they do not do anything our people just eat do not cook, our people just collect do not give anybody. They accuse every one not believe the claim.

     If we thing do not speak we will improve more and more if wok do not sleep we will learn more as we imagine if we read and write we will take place in the world.

      Afghanistan is an undeveloped country and their people are not fitful. Afghans need a lot of time to equal in other people and we must try to accept each other, we will read to know about other nation how they live and how they improve their society.

      Why other people do not make war because, they know about the results of war. They know if they fight with each other they will destroy their society and their society instead of fight they and they help instead of require they do active.

      Afghans kill each other to go to paradise. Other people help each other to have a good life in the world they do not thing much about paradise as we do they accept Allah judge according to human`s actions.

     We are the son of Adam and they are son of monkey. We destroy and they make. They write we do not read they discover we hide and can use from some mines of Afghanistan.