What America did after Taliban in Afghanistan?

When international forces occupied Afghanistan they prepared one opportunity for Afghans but some leaders and warlike people took this opportunity and they tried to make high their abilities and work in some places like offices and other positions in NGO after three decades war.

      But some warlike changed the situation. And they made common the bribery. And they replaced some employers illegally. And they made the level of education low, because some students past the pre university examination according relationship with some leaders, ministers, parliamentarians and other officials. Powerful persons deceive the people of Afghanistan. Literacy of Afghans prepared a good opportunity for leaders and other powerful mans.

     If it be asked why Afghans lost all those opportunities? First of all Afghans had not experience to make or build something and live in peaceful society and have a very high require from NATO and UN. Afghans accepted to ability UN without experience.

     Neighbors interfere in Afghanistan and persuade their servants to make chaos and be disagree with some planes.

     NATO did not powerless the warlike and make a very weak government and corrupted.

     The other mistakes were that foreign did not help peaceful provinces.  

     The problems of Afghans were so much, UN and NATO did not diagnostic, because they could solve the problems of the who need necessity helping.

      World wasted a lot of energies in Afghanistan and in some cases they helped terrorists.