Democracy in Afghanistan

We have perfect democracy in Afghanistan about everything because we have government but she does prevent from corruption just because of democracy. We have police and army but they do not prohibit from illegal works, because of democracy. We have constitution, but we have not follow it and we cannot works according constitution, so there is a country that some parts of this country are governed by insurgents. The government does not try to arrest them because of democracy.

In Afghanistan everything is free, especially powerful people. And government always tries to save the rights of some commander, and other mafia.

Inside the government, official can get bribe and the also can put some of the budget government does not prevent because of democracy. In Afghanistan one race or nation invader to other tribes or nation because of democracy, government does not interfere in every case in Afghanistan. Our government is present to save democracy even people do not want.

But I made mistake with the meaning of democracy why we define democracy the people government to serve people. But it is opposite if my definition. I think I am wrong and I make mistake with democracy sense.