How to be in Afghanistan

It is important to obey all of inequality, injustice, all cruelty… in Afghanistan. Not to criticize even in impatient situation. The only work you can do it is bear, being calm and obeisant. Otherwise you will punish and accused in one crime or get jobless if you have job. If you say the truth you should pay the disadvantage of that. If you want to a good life ignore from all of lawless actions. You watch crime not show react, you listen in all lies not to reject, you read t the constitution not o follow, if want be a successful you just deceive the people, if you continue your job you fabricate.

If you like to be UN official, you need a treaty and then according to this treaty you just take the bribe and divide with high position official. It is like free market.

If you do not accept to give bribe you cannot find any job. Without giving money as a bribe or not having party you can get job if you be everyone.

Bribe has two reasons in Afghanistan one is the low level of official salaries that without bribe they cannot fulfill his or her family expenditure the second reason is they have get bribe and transfer to other high official.